Family Day at Nir Yitzhak & “Tekes”

By; Jackie Sharpe Saturday 15th September, 2012 Friends and Family travelled to Nir Yitzhak to spend a special day with our Garin. We were hosted by staff of Nir Yitzhak and gathered around the swimming pool around 4pm. People brought picnic lunch and drinks, some swam in the pool, others just shared stories of their time for the last month. At 6pm we walked a few steps, to the gazebo (carrying a chair with us to sit on) and were then welcomed by Ela and Ilan. Ela and Saar then performed an absolutely hilarious skit on what our kids do everyday. You will find the video (and photos) on the site. Before eating apples and honey and wishing everyone a Shana Tova, a few of our Garin kids performed for us: an Israeli song, Hatchalot sung by Taylor Amrani and Gabriala Ashkenazy. On guitar, Adam Gault and Amit Ninary. On percussion, Jonthan Crispel. The video can be found at: and was created and produced by Alexi Rosenfeld, AJR Photography. © AJR Photography 2012.
By 7pm most families were on their way with their respective Garin family kid ready to celebrate Rosh Hashana. Kids come back to the kibbutz on Tuesday evening for two days and then are off again for a free weekend, if they choose.Thank you to all the staff at Nir Yitzhak who worked so hard to make this day so special for the families and our kids. VIDEO MAY STILL BE LOADING IF NOT UP YET…Sorry:)