Oree Stockelman Honored — “Miztayan”


Tekes Kumta Nahal September 18, 2013

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Family and Friends Come to Celebrate

Tekes Kumta Nahal – September 18, 2013 Click on headline to see more photos.

Dover Tzahal Photographer, Alexi Rosenfeld Captures This Amazing Day!

Tekes Kumta Nahal – Pardes Hana – September 18, 2013

Etai Lahav and Adam Hartwick Make us Proud!

Garin Gamal Parents in Israel – December/January 2013

Hi from Jackie in Tel Aviv.December 31, 2012 Shalom Garin Gamal Parents and Families,I hear that many of you are in Israel. It would be great to try and organize a get together.The… Continue reading

“Achrazat Garin” – Declaration of the Garin — RENAMED!

By; Jackie Sharpe Tonight, in an amazing display of talent, creativity, friendship, teamwork, excitement and “energy,” our 32 Garin kids danced, sang, laughed, entertained their audience and at the end of the performance… Continue reading

Southwest Garin Launches New Name – Garin GaMaL (Click for more photos)


Our Garin kids get a real taste of basic training…mud, sweat and push ups…

Written by: Jackie Sharpe — September 27, 2012 “Ken Hamefaked. Esrim schniot!!!” (Yes Captain. Twenty seconds!!”) I think I may have heard the first part of that command 200 times during the 2… Continue reading